Automatic bottle dryer MEDICIN DRY-II24


Automatic bottle dryer CT-C-II48

• Machine application: The machine is used in the food production, pharmaceutical industries. • The effect of the machine: The machine is used to circulate hot air continuously in the drying chamber. • Principle of drying: Using continuous circulation heat supplied by the thermistor system. • Model: Static cabinet. • Number of dryer doors: 2 doors, the front door and two rear doors. • Door type: Pull-to-open, open and close by locking latch (hand latch). • Number of drying trays: 48hours. • Type of drying tray: Instant tray or perforated tray selected by customer. • Material of drying tray: Stainless steel # 316L, thickness of 0.7-0.8mm. • Number of trays: 02 cars, including 24 floors / car, each floor contains 1 tray. • Dimensions of the tray truck: Width 700mm x Depth 930mm x Height 1460mm. • Size of drying tray: Width 640mm x Depth 460mm x Height 45mm. • Power supply: 380V / 60Hz, 3 phase. • Principle of heat supply: The machine uses a resistive heat supply system. • Drying capacity: Depending on the size of the bottle to be dried. • Burner capacity: 20KW. • Fan capacity: 0.45KW. Number of blowers: 01Cai Winding capacity: 3450m3 / h. Ability to heat: 600C - 2400C (Can be adjusted to adapt to each different drying material). Heat radiation capacity: 23m2. Pressure resistance: 0.2- 0.6Mpa. Heater error: ± 3- 50C. Machine weight: 1200kg. Machine size: Width2550mm x Depth 1200mm x Height 2180mm Machine standard: The machine meets the GMP standard. Note: The cabinet cannot dry alcohol-coated or alcohol-coated bottles / jars.

Automatic medicinal dryer MEDICIN DRY-I48


High speed granulator machine JFZ-550


Automatic grain repairing machine YK-160


Energy mixer TLN-600

• Application: The machine is used to mix fine powder and granular materials in manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, ...

• Effect: Create a homogeneous mix of ingredients to make the product uniform in quality.

Automatic mixer CH-300L

• Application of the machine: The machine is widely used in the production of western medicines, southeastern medicine, food, chemicals, food technology additives, ... The machine is suitable for mixing dry ingredients and ingredients with low humidity, eg to make nuggets, to create granules, to produce ingredients for tablets, hard capsules, ...

• The effect of the machine: The machine is used to mix powdered ingredients together, creating a complete homogeneity of all ingredients mixed together.

Automatic vacuum emulsifying and mixing machine HMV-300L


Automatic vacuum mixer HMV-250L



• Application of the machine: The machine is used to fasten aluminum / plastic stoppers for bottles / jars in manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, chemicals, lubricants, ... • The effect of the machine: Sealing bottles / jars, improving production capacity, protecting product quality, ... • Button type: Aluminum button (Alu-Capper). • Bottle type: Glass bottle, plastic bottle Plas. • Button size: Depends on the customer and chosen by the customer. • Number of clamps: 1 head (When changing the size of the clamp, replace the clamp). • Clamp head material: # 304 stainless steel button clamp made by Taiwan. • Tightening principle: Creating thread and fastening (aluminum button). • Motor torque: 90W. • Operation mode: Semi-automatic. • Tightening speed of button: 10-20sp / min (Depending on the operation of the machine operator). • Button specifications: The machine can be used for many different types of bottles with different sizes and the same button size, when changing the size of the stopper, changing the screw head is very simple and fast. • Power supply: 220V, 50 / 60Hz. • Machine power: 500W. • Machine size: Length 800mm - Width250mm - Height600mm.