Automatic barrel belt wrapping machine PW-0860AS2BS


Belt welding speed: 2s / cycle.
Wire welding temperature: Can be adjusted to adapt to belt thickness / thickness.
Heat rise time: 30- 90 seconds.
Belt width: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm (Choose one of three types by customer)
Belt thickness: 0.65- 0.8mm.
Tightening force: 5- 70kg (Can be adjusted).
Worktable height: 810mm.
Working table size: 1100m long x 633mm wide.
Load capacity of machine: Max 100kg.
Frame size: Width 850mm x Height600mm.
Barrel Size: The smallest size of the item / box that can be wrapped is Length 60 x Width 60mm.
Power supply: 380V / 3Phase / 60Hz.
Motor capacity: ¼ HP.
Machine size: Length 94mm - Width 633mm - Height1538mm.
Machine weight: 230kg.

Automatic barrel belt wrapping machine PW-0860AC